Summer and Macadamia Nut Mango Bars

Hi everyone! It has been a little bit since I have written last. Happy June! What have you been doing to welcome in the summer?! I have been walking through some big changes these past couple of weeks that have been incredibly challenging, but relieving and liberating all at the same time. They have been changes made all in the name of self-love. The emotions come in like waves, right. Like, one minute, I will be happy and the next I feel as if my toes have lifted off the ground and the wave is rising up, my head just barely above water. Then, it settles, my feet land and the internal glitter shines! Emotions are like that; I can either choose to sink, swim against them or let them wash over me. I stay connected to the Universe through this time because I know she has my back. I keep my heart open, my head up and I step back to let the light shine beautifully on the path I will walk.


Today’s recipe is great to surf into summer with!

Macadamia Nut Mango Bars

You will need:
2/3 cup pecans or walnuts
1/3 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1-3 tablespoons of maple syrup (add tablespoons one at a time for consistency of your choice)
Salt, to taste

1 cup macadamia nuts, soaked
1-2 cups cubed fresh or frozen mangos (I used frozen)
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
1-2 tablespoons maple syrup
Juice from one lemon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, optional
Water, maybe, for consistency
Salt, to taste

To prepare:
Soak the macadamia nuts for at least an hour to activate them. Begin with the crust and a food processor. Process the pecans or walnuts first. Then add in the other ingredients creating a crust that sticks together. Remove the crust from the food processor and place it on a parchment paper lined dish. Then, with a spatula, form the crust into a square. You can make it as thin or as thick as you’d like. Let the crust sit in the fridge while you prepare the filling. Clean out the food processor and drain the macadamia nuts. Add the macadamia nuts to the food processor and blend. Then, one by one, start to add in the other ingredients for the filling. You may or may not need to add water for consistency. It should be on the thicker side. Taste tests are welcome! Then, slowly start to spoon out the filling on top of the crust. Use a spatula to evenly spread out the filling over the crust. Then place the mango bars in the freezer to set up. Let them sit in the freezer for about an hour or so, and then when you’re ready to serve you can cut up the squares with a knife. Enjoy!

Also, I have found it especially important to connect and play with my girlfriends during this time in my life. Here are some acro yoga pics that I have been trying out with my girls! So fun! Summer is here…don’t forget to play!





Light & Love,


I love yoga! I remember when I was first introduced to it by a good friend and how in my head I turned my nose up to the idea of it because I had been this big bad basketball player my whole life and I needed something to challenge me and I thought I knew that yoga could not give me a good enough challenge, blah blah blah, right? Hah! Well, thank God that I wasn’t so incredibly blocked off that I missed this opportunity all together. For, yoga has added such flavor to my heart and soul. I tried it once and it was love at first pose! The style of yoga that I prefer to practice is called Vinyasa yoga or hot power yoga. Before I tried this, I thought that all yoga consisted of was slow stretching. Boy, was I ignorant! Vinyasa yoga is a type of yoga that encourages major lengthening and stretching of the body parts (I discovered pieces of me that I didn’t know existed!) with flow and movement incorporated that gets your heart pumping (probably one of the safest and best forms of cardio one can do) and allows you to get your sweat on all at the same time all while connecting your breath to movement. My yoga teachers at the studio I attend ( are the most wonderful individuals and we practice in heated rooms (usually around 90 degrees, give or take) and they play the grooviest music sets, which is just dreamy, if you’re a music junkie like myself! I could skip the studio all together and just practice at home, but all these great extras, along with the phenominal energy of my fellow yogis in each class makes it soooo complete! Nothing like sharing energy and raising each other’s vibrations to later go out and share in the world!


There are a plethora of poses in yoga. It seems never ending; heart openers, twists, arm balances, inverting poses, balancing poses, strength-based poses, resting poses…the list goes on and on. Just when I get one down, another even funkier one pops up in class. I am taught that it is not about the poses, but more so the journey of getting to those poses and my thoughts that come up along the way about the poses that I strive toward. And I thought I would not be challenged in yoga. Heh!


This picture above is from a trip I took to San Francisco, California with the family that I nanny for. We visited the Muir Woods and I got my yoga and my play on up in there. This pose I am doing is called tree pose. Nothing more perfect that connecting with the energy of the most majestic red woods on the planet! I swear I heard the universe breathing while we hiked through there!

This last picture is a new type of yoga that just fascinates me! It is called acro yoga, and poses are done in combination with one or more individuals. My boyfriend, Wade, was my victim for this pose, God bless his little heart. He was reluctant at first, but I persuaded him and in the end we played together, laughed, and produced a beautiful pose with our energy combined!


I look forward to sharing more poses with you in the future!

Light & Love,

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